We provide a structured and loving atmosphere for learning.

An orderly, well-disciplined classroom facilitates learning and leads to self-discipline, which is a vital component of godly, mature character (Proverbs 22:6).

Innovative methods are utilized where appropriate; however, experimentation is avoided stressing proven methods of instruction.

Our disciplinary policy is two-pronged:

  • Positive Discipline encourages good behavior and reinforces that which is already positive and Christ-like.  Role modeling, reward, reinforcement, prayer, and conflict resolution are typical methods used.
  • Corrective Discipline is sometimes necessary, however.  This includes verbal reprimand, exclusion from privileges and activities, and corrective work.  In extreme cases suspension or even expulsion may be utilized to reassert the standards of Wildwood Christian School as based on God’s word

The mission of Wildwood Christian School is to prepare God’s children to change the world for Christ.